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My CV – Academic Achievements – Grants – Active Grants

  1. 2022/06/30-2024/06/29, Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research, University of Hong Kong (202111159064) (PI). “The Application of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Automatic Assessment of Disordered Voices”, HKD$82,000.00.
  2. 2021/03/22 – 2024/08/31. Education Faculty Research Fund (Subscheme B – Cross-strait four regions project), University of Hong Kong (200010053.910000.10000.400.01) (PI). “How does L1 affect l2 pronunciation? A large-scale quantitative comparison of error patterns associated with L2 English produced by native Mandarin and Cantonese adult ESL speakers”, $147,770.00.
  3. 2020/07/01 – 2023/03/30. Education Faculty Research Fund, University of Hong Kong (000250337.024113.10000.100.01) (PI). “Effect of Gender, Age and Bolus Viscosity on Acoustics of Normal Swallow”, HKD$46,230.